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UltraBac Now Offers:

  • Continuous replication to Azure plus image backup to either disk or tape.
  • Near Instant Azure Point-in-Time failover or migration for replicated servers.
  • Failed backup & replications are self-healing with the next operation.
  • Continuous replication to a vSphere or Hyper-V Host for onsite virtual failover.
  • Agentless vSphere & Hyper-V backup by host with no limit to VMs.
  • Image Backup for fast disaster recovery with copy to the cloud.
  • Mount image backups for file/folder recoveries from onsite or cloud + BMR.
  • File level backup to select only critical and/or modified files to protect.
  • Endpoint image backups for onsite & cloud file/folder recoveries + BMR.
  • Automatic Ransomware Detection with image backups & Azure replications.
In one backup, Ultrabac can image a server, replicate it to Azure, AND replicate it to Hyper-V or vSphere for an unprecedented 3 levels of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity protection!
Hybrid Cloud Backup
Hybrid Cloud Backup
Mountable image backup for on-premise and cloud file/folder level recoveries with fast bare metal recovery.
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Replication to Azure
Replication to Azure
Continuous replication to low cost Azure storage with unlimited recovery points for near instant failover/migration.
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Hybrid Endpoint Backup
Endpoint Hybrid Backup
Mountable end-point image backup w/copy to the cloud for onsite & offsite file/folder recoveries with BMR.
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Replication & VM Backup
UltraBac Software Virtual Backup
Agentless Hyper-V & vSphere backup and/or continuously replicate physical servers to VHD/VHDX/VMDK to local storage or write directly to a virtual host server.
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Traditional File Backup
UltraBac Backup Software
File level backup with built-in Open File Agent to tape, UNC, SAN, NAS, TSM, FTP, SFTP and the cloud. Select only strategic files & folders and skip the rest.
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Image Backup
UBDR Gold Image Backup & Recovery
Image backup with bare metal recovery with dissimilar hardware restore and P2V, V2V, V2P migrations. Two formats enable backups to all devices including tape & cloud.
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Installing UltraBac takes about 30 minutes. Download our 30-day free trial and see how easy it is to (1) image a server, (2) replicate to Azure, and (3) replicate to Hyper-V or vSphere. Get started today!
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UltraBac now provides Disaster Recovery Software-as-a-Service (DRSaaS) for the Continuous Replication to Microsoft Azure With Near Instant Failover or Migration of critical servers.
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