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UltraBac Software is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA, just minutes away from Microsoft's main campus. Founded in 1982, the company was initially focused on developing leading-edge, high performance utility applications for minicomputer users.

Relying on years of experience in providing backup and other software written in COBOL and Assembler for its minicomputer customers, UltraBac Software transitioned to offering backup and disaster recovery software for corporate users of Microsoft® operating systems written in C and C++. Our flagship products, UltraBac and UBDR Gold, were designed from the ground up for Microsoft's Windows commercial operating system, creating the smallest, tightest performing backup products in the market today.

UltraBac, backup and disaster recovery software was first released in 1995 and now has well over 20,000 dedicated customers worldwide. Our customers cross the entire spectrum of industry and computer user, including: banking, retail, insurance, manufacturing, financial, aerospace, medical, wholesale, entertainment, military, education, communications, and government.

Over the years, UltraBac Software has earned many awards and industry acknowledgments for its Windows based backup and disaster recovery software. The company has been identified by Deloitte & Touche, Puget Sound Business Journal, Software Magazine, Storage magazine and GCN, among others. Our strength and reputation are also backed by our recognition as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and through our alliances with other industry solution providers such as IBM Tivoli, Intel, VMware, and HP.

Every member of our staff is dedicated to providing superior products, enviable technical support, and an unwavering commitment to meet our customers' needs. With the release of UltraBac for Windows, the decision was made to specialize solely in backup and disaster recovery software. Due to the critical functions these products provide to businesses, we determined it was important to focus 100% of our development and technical support to ensure we deliver the best in data protection.

UltraBac Software takes great pride and ownership in the creation and the support of our software. We strive to maintain trusting relationships with each and every one of our customers with our personal service and attention. Incorporating your feedback and responding quickly to industry demands allows us to provide first-to-market technologies that speak directly to customer needs. Our success depends on your success. UltraBac Software is dedicated to ensuring that when your system fails you do not.

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