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UltraBac Software Releases Hybrid Endpoint Backup for Onsite/Offsite Disaster Recovery

UltraBac is pleased to announce the release of UltraBac-Lite (UBL) which is designed to be a simple-to-use hybrid workstation backup & disaster recovery solution for end-users of all skill levels.

UBL uses UltraBac’s mountable image backup technology with its built-in copy to the cloud functionally to provide for both on-premise and cloud backup. When using the cloud copy feature backups go directly to an end user’s provider of choice.


  • Mountable image backup to local disk, UNC, NAS, SAN, etc.
  • Full and incremental block-level backup by partition.
  • No limit to the number of incremental backups.
  • Point-in-time (PIT) restore from selected incremental (local or cloud).
  • During a PIT, only the last used block is restored no matter how many times it was backed up since the last full.
  • Locally restore individual file/folder/partitions.
  • Locally perform WinPE based disaster recovery in a couple of clicks using Express Mode.
  • Locally perform dissimilar hardware restore using Advanced Mode (requires some skill).
  • Optional cloud copy feature after each full or incremental backup completes.
  • Use any compatible S3 cloud provider (e.g. Amazon, Google, Wasabi, etc.)
  • Cloud restore of individual file/folder/partitions (only slower).
  • Cloud-based WinPE disaster recovery (only slower).
  • Cloud-based restore to dissimilar hardware (only slower).
  • Automate new installation roll-outs & software updates.
  • Operator alerts, logs, reports, and management console.

UBL can be used by a single user backing up to a USB drive or back up any number of end-points to network storage. UBL is simple enough that end-users can restore their own files & folders from on-premise or the cloud. Users can also toggle to the full mode to use any of the advanced features & functions that UltraBac provides when appropriately licensed.

Annual workstation subscriptions start at $49 and server at $399 USD.

For more information about UltraBac-Lite or channel partner program email or call 425-644-6000.

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