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UltraBac Continuous Replication to Azure with Near Instant Failover & Migration


UltraBac's continuous replication of on-premise servers to low cost Azure storage provides organizations of any size a simple to implement, powerful failover for the ultimate in cloud based disaster recovery protection .

Use Continuous Replication to Azure only or concurrently with UltraBac’s image backup to tape/disk for lightening fast Bare Metal Disaster Recoveries. Another option is to also replicate on-premise servers directly to a Virtual Host or UNC path as a VHD/VHDX/VMDK file ready to power on in the same one pass backup enabling near instant virtual failover.

An initial replication requires a full image backup of the source machine using UltraBac's proprietary block level tracking technology (CBT). Subsequent replications occur with every incremental backup. Replications can be run at any desired frequency (e.g. every 30/30/60 minutes). Every incremental backup creates a recovery point-in-time with no limit to launch a failover or migration. Failed incremental backups are self-healing as of the next successful backup.

Setting up UltraBac's replication and image backup can take as little as 30 minutes (just install UltraBac and know your Azure account info).

The Azure replication process does not require any processing until testing a server's operability or perform a failover/migration operation. Replicated servers are managed from UltraBac's Cloud Management Application (UCMA) which can be run from anywhere in the world. Accessing the UCMA displays a list of servers. An admin can see at a glance completed, in-progress and failed replications. Selecting a server displays a list of point-in-time recovery points. Once a recovery point has been selected the server can be launched in Test or Run Mode. Running a server in Test Mode does not affect its status for subsequent testing or failover. Servers running in Test Mode are automatically cancelled upon exiting the UCMA app.

Failover/migration operations can launch servers individually or all at once. From clicking on Run Mode to a fully operational VM takes 1-3 minutes. Only in Test/Run Mode does a replicated server begin to consume Azure compute resources.

UltraBac's continuous Azure server replication provides organizations the ability to failover one or more critical servers to operating in a safe, secure, inexpensive cloud environment nearly instantly.

Introductory subscriptions include image backup to local storage or tape for lightning fast bare metal disaster recoveries.

Virtual Replication of physical servers to Hyper-V or vSphere can be combined with Replication to Azure and Image Backup to provide a comprehensive three levels of disaster recovery for any organization that requires a comprehensive onsite/offsite Business Continuity Plan to protect against preventable and costly downtime.

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