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UltraBac PartnerPlus List of Benefits

Product Discounts
Specific list price discounts are determined following completion and approval of the UltraBac PartnerPlus Program application.

Promotions and Giveaways
To help you increase your bottom line, we frequently offer additional short-time discounts or giveaways that are available only to our partners. These promotions are advertised using special emails, our partner newsletter, and the UltraBac Software website.

Internal Use License
Regular use of UltraBac Software products on your own equipment provides a good working knowledge of our solutions and will better prepare you to sell and support your customers. To encourage the internal use of our software, we supply not-for-resale licenses to our partners at a substantial discount.

The knowledge to promote, install, and configure UltraBac solutions is shared through educational programs made available each year through a variety of media. The training is structured to be effective for everyone, from the IT Manager of an enterprise network to a consultant installing a single copy of the Server Edition.

Sales Materials
Upon qualification for the UltraBac PartnerPlus Program, you are provided access to sales and training materials designed to quickly and easily familiarize yourself with our products. In addition, literature updates are posted as products are upgraded. We want you to have all the tools possible to assist you in the sale of our award-winning solutions.

Quotes and Sales Support
We welcome calls to our sales department for a formal price quote or to review a prospect's backup and disaster recovery needs. Consider us your best resource for sales, marketing, and administrative expertise.

Technical Guidance
UltraBac Software's tech support staff members are all located in-house and work in conjunction with our sales team to provide thorough and consistent information to assist you and your customers. They are also available for in-depth technical discussions about prospect requirements and options.

Exclusive Website Access
Using an assigned password, the most up-to-date product news, information, special pricing, and promotions become available on our website, open only to licensed partners.

Partner Newsletter
Our UltraBac Partner NewsWire is delivered electronically to our partners and is also accessible through the partner Web area. These newsletters provide current information on UltraBac products, helpful tips from our tech support team, and partner success stories to further assist you in your sales efforts.

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