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UltraBac License Change Request Form

This UltraBac License Change Request Form is valid for existing customers only. Please submit the requested information and we will promptly process your request to update the UltraBac licensing key to reflect a machine name change.

* = required field

* Company
UltraBac Partners should provide customer's company name.

* Contact Name
* Phone
* Email
We will send the revised license key here.

* Please select Maintenance Coverage option
* We will contact you for payment or purchase order.

You are requesting a transfer of your UltraBac license from one machine to another.
* Reason for network name change
Which UltraBac license version do you need?
Other reason
Please check both boxes below to indicate your agreement.
* I agree
* Transfer license from
Current computer name here.

* Transfer license to
New computer name here.

* I agree
* Review the UltraBac Software EULA.

* Digital Signature
Type your full name here.

* Type Full Name Again
This will confirm your digital signature.

* Date
Please use mm-dd-yyyy.


Once received and approved, we will provide you with the requested license key change in 1-3 business days, although most requests are processed the same day.

Please note that each requested server license change requires a $250 administrative fee and $50 for a workstation license change; these fees are waived for customers covered under a current maintenance support package. We will contact all non-maintenance customers for payment or purchase order prior to issuing a revised license key.

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