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UltraBac Software Delivers Five First-to-Market Features with New Hyper-V Agent

The new releases of UltraBac and UBDR Gold software provide industry leading backup and restore capabilities

Bellevue, Wash. - (July 1, 2013) - UltraBac Software, pioneers of backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtual machines, today announced UltraBac Version 9.3.5, UBDR Gold Version 8.0, and a new Hyper-V Agent. The new host-based (agentless) data protection and system recovery software for Hyper-V is the only product on the market that allows users to perform seamless two-way conversions from VHD to VHDX and vice versa. The launch also introduces four other exclusive Hyper-V features.

The Hyper-V Agent is currently the only backup product with the ability to choose the target disk format (VHD or VHDX). This also means two-way conversions can be performed. A user can back up in VHD disk format and restore in VHDX format with just a single click of a button, meaning that virtual machines from Microsoft Server 2008R2 and Server 2012 can be easily interchanged. Users even have the option to switch between fixed size (thick) and dynamically expanding (thin) disk types on the fly during restore. No extra time is needed during the restore process to perform these different types of conversions.

The new agent provides unlimited virtual machine protection for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 and 2008R2 Servers, and has the exclusive ability to back up only used space, even for fixed disks. Since empty space is not backed up, backups of less than full disks can be significantly faster with corresponding savings in storage space. The agent also skips backing up pagefile.sys & hiberfil.sys files, another unique time and space saving feature.

"UltraBac Software is proud to be first-to-market with these exciting new backup and disaster recovery features for the Hyper-V virtual platform," said Morgan Edwards, President of UltraBac Software. "We are pleased to provide our customers with these time and cost saving abilities."

UBDR Gold Version 8.0 features new Express and Advanced Modes. The Express Mode greatly simplifies the restore process so all the steps needed for restore are done at once. For example, to restore a system to the same hardware configuration, a user simply boots into UBDR, selects the appropriate image backup, and then clicks the Express option to perform a complete restore. No additional steps or knowledge of how to operate the software is required. Express Mode has been designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use.

The new Advanced Mode is for technically advanced users who wish to customize the restore process. This includes the ability to restore to different partitions, or even completely different (dissimilar) hardware.

UltraBac Version 9.3.5, UBDR Gold Version 8.0, and the Hyper-V Agent are available now. The introductory list price for the new Hyper-V Agent is $495 USD, per socket. This price also includes first year maintenance coverage with technical support.

About UltraBac Software
UltraBac Software has earned a reputation for providing reliable, fast, and innovative backup and disaster recovery software to organizations of all sizes. UltraBac and UBDR Gold are the company's flagship products. UltraBac provides file-by-file backups and restores with a wide range of options, and built-in flexible scheduling. Optional agents such as Exchange, SQL, vSphere, Hyper-V, Virtual Disk, Oracle, Linux, and Tivoli provide extended functionality to the base product. For bare metal recoveries, UBDR Gold is an image-based disaster recovery solution that can restore a failed physical server in as little as six minutes. Restores can be made to tape, disk, UNC paths, FTP/SFTP, SAN/NAS devices, and IBM TSM. UBDR Gold fully supports dissimilar hardware restores and conversions, as well as provides customers great flexibility in performing physical and virtual (P2P, P2V, V2V, and V2P) conversions and/or disaster recovery operations. Visit for trial software or for more information.

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