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First-to-Market Software Innovations

UltraBac Software has become a leader in backup and disaster recovery by being a technology innovator, and has beaten much larger competitors to market with a long list of firsts. With this penchant and a strong commitment to research and development, UltraBac Software is a leader in backup and disaster recovery today, and will remain so in the future.

  • Release Hyper-V Agent with five first-to-market features:
    • Back up only used space, even for fixed disks.
    • Skip backups of pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys files.
    • Select the target disk format (VHD or VHDX).
    • Perform on-the-fly two-way conversions during restores (VHD to VHDX as well as VHDX to VHD).
    • Select thick or thin disk before the restore is started.
  • Create native VMware ESX or GSX Virtual Machine Disk (VMDK) files in one simultaneous operation while backing up a live system.
  • Release virtual-based disaster recovery.
  • Release TSM and FTP based disaster recovery.
  • Release additional index written to media.
  • Release embedded Encryption.
  • Release a network workstation backup solution.
  • Feature code using less than 3MB of disk space (smallest footprint).
  • Release archiving functionality.
  • Release image backup and disaster recovery.
  • Release an Exchange Agent.
  • Release hardware failure redirect.
  • Release autoloader slot address control for backup.
  • Release software media cascading.
  • Release media check before backup.
  • Release before/after jobs with macro capabilities.
  • Release a tape duplication utility.
  • Release full command line interface.
  • Release hive level registry backup.
  • Release 32-bit Tape CRC verification.
  • Release open shared file backup.
  • Release disk-to-disk operation.
  • Be the fastest backup in all-independent reviews.
  • Release backup & disaster recovery software written expressly for the Windows platform.

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