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Case Studies

UltraBac Software provides valuable tools and industry-leading technical support to help you safeguard your critical data. Read first-hand how customers worldwide have put our products to the test and continue to praise the reliability, speed, flexibility, first-to-market features, and ease of use.

UltraBac and UBDR Gold Provide the Perfect Formula for the National Academy of Sciences
The National Academy of Sciences has four offices that run more than 100 servers containing mission critical data needed for daily operation and research. Systems engineer Henry Hammock points out, "We used to have to keep extra hard drives on hand of a specific size and brand to restore a failed server. Now, with UBDR Gold, it no longer matters if the media we restore to is a different brand or size or even if it is a physical or virtual server. The support for dissimilar hardware has been a great feature and one we use daily."  More

Banking on a Dependable Backup Solution
Founded in 1968, Monterey Credit Union (MontereyCU) services its more than 20,000 members from the surrounding communities of Monterey, California, through five full service branches. After extensive testing to ensure that UltraBac met MontereyCU's flexibility, dependability, and ease-of-use requirements, their servers were licensed with UltraBac's backup and disaster recovery software. "The flexibility we found in UltraBac was remarkable and their tech support was great. Not every company meets the individual needs of the customer like UltraBac Software," said Andrew Bono, Network Administrator.   More

NetComm Depends on UltraBac Solutions for its Clients
NetComm Consulting Services Inc. of Arizona provides computer network support, design, and integration services to businesses of all sizes. On the search for the most dependable backup and disaster recovery solution provider they could find, NetComm selected UltraBac Software. "I have seen a lot of products in my 30 plus years in the industry. I don't think anything has impressed me or worked as well as these products do," states Founder and CEO, David Lehrman.  More

A Better Data Center
Builders FirstSource is a leading supplier of structural building materials to homebuilders, with approximately 100 locations in 11 states. UltraBac and UBDR Gold provide a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution that supports their centralized data center in Dallas, Texas, as well as all of their operational locations. System Administrator, Evan Anderson, points out how UltraBac Software has notably reduced the man-hours necessary to operate their data center resulting in lower costs. "All of the features that UltraBac provides to us are invaluable."   More

Backup and Recovery Sets Soaring Speed for the Airline Industry
SITA is the world's leading provider of global Information Technology & Telecommunications (IT&T) solutions to the air transport and associated industries. The data that SITA is responsible for resides at hundreds of airports worldwide and must be readily and reliably available on a 24/7 basis. After extensive testing of several brands, SITA selected UltraBac and UBDR Gold for its speed, simplicity, and the company's ability to provide some customized features. Dave Wald, Senior Systems Integration Engineer: "With UltraBac, we now have a fast, flexible, and reliable backup and recovery system that perfectly meets our needs."  More

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