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UltraBac – One of the Fastest Windows Backup Products on the Market

UltraBac is the culmination of over 30 years of wisdom and expertise in the backup and disaster recovery software business. File-by-file backup is the basic standard for data protection, but there is nothing basic about UltraBac. The user interface provides visual and organizational improvements making UltraBac even more intuitive and easier to use right out of the box. Utilizing the backup wizard, a step-by-step process is provided that makes it simple for the user to create backup sets from start to finish. Another great time saver for the busy administrator is the installer function, which can be automated to install 10 machines in minutes from a remote console (does not require licensing).

UltraBac Backup Media

System administrators are provided a rich feature set with all the tools necessary to successfully manage UltraBac; everything from active cluster server backup, email alerts, hardware failover functionality, to built-in encryption. UltraBac has many additional options and agents like SQL, Exchange, Media Libraries, Hyper-V, and vSphere so that users can customize their solution to their exact requirements.

UltraBac Highlights
  • Highly Compact Product due to Very Efficient Code
  • Scalable from Small to Large Users
  • Caters to a Wide Array of Diverse Business Computing Environments
  • Many First-to-Market Features
    • Backup & Disaster Recovery Software Written Expressly for the Windows Platform
    • Disk-to-Disk Operation
    • Embedded Encryption
    • Agent for Exchange
    • And More
  • Built-in AES Encryption
  • Client Side Compression
  • Remote Installer and Remote Administration
  • Ability to Integrate File, Image, and Virtual Backups

For a more complete list, please view the UltraBac Backup Features page.

Base Products
UltraBac Flex Bundle - v10
UltraBac Ultimate Bundle - v10
UltraBac Essentials (SBS) Bundle - v10
UltraBac Server Edition - v10
UltraBac Virtual Edition - v10
UltraBac Workstation Bundle - v10
UltraBac Workstation Continuity Bundle - v10
UltraBac Virtual Disk Utility

Add-On Agents
UltraBac Exchange Agent
UltraBac Media Library Module
FTP Device
Hyper-V Agent
UltraBac Remote Local Server Agent
UltraBac SQL Agent
TSM Device
vSphere Agent

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